The Occult Meaning of The Three Wise Monkeys


I´m sharing this article by Richard Cassaro which brings a different approach to the concept of the “The Three Wise Monkeys“.

For me it meant the directive “Hear, Speak, See no evil“, associated to the occult or secret societies as a sign of discretion. Actually it´s a popular one, we can see that sign being flashed or re-enacted by artists, singers … or even the goverment.

Poster from the WWII era aimed at Manhattan’s Project participants – Atomic bomb and a few more secret projects

But for Richard, the concept has been manipulated and inverted by “the elites” to confuse and misguide – business as usual actually.

All the rights and copyright of the article linked below belongs to Richard Cassaro

The Secret Occult Meaning of the “Three Wise Monkeys” Hidden by the Elite


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The Three Wise Monkeys carved on a stable housing sacred horses at Tōshōgū shrine, Nikkō, Japan “Hear, Speak, See no evil”

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